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How do you tune the Veeh-Harfe ?

To tune you need a tuning key, a chromatic tuner and, conveniently, a contact microphone.
On the bridge of the harp are the notes that should sound when the harp is in tune. The video shows you how to go about tuning the harp.


How do I order the right replacement string?

If a string breaks, please contact us.
So that we can send you the right string, please let us know:

  • Which Veeh harp model with how many strings you have
  • How many string broke (counting from the left) and the name of the note
  • Serial number and year of manufacture from the sound hole (on the back of your Veeh harp)

In the String overview (PDF) you will get an overview of the strings of the different instruments. We will be happy to send you the right string with instructions for changing the string.


How do I change a string?

In the following video we explain how to change strings step by step. It’s easier once you’ve watched.

» Instructions for changing strings PDF


How can I order something?

Personal contact and advice are important to us. That’s why we don’t have an online shop. You can call us or send your requests by e-mail about the contact form send. You are also welcome to contact one of our Distribution partner contact in your area.