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The Veeh-Harfe is a string-plucked instrument that can be played without knowledge of notes. A simple and clear notation was specially developed for the instrument – reduced to the essentials. Note stencils, which are pushed between the strings and the sound box, enable playing “from sight” – the notes become tangible.

The idea is obvious, but the Veeh-Harfe has nothing to do with a fairy tale. The story of the Veeh-Harfe begins in the middle of real life.

The farmer Hermann Veeh was looking for a musical instrument for his son Andreas, who was born with Down syndrome. Andreas was born with a love for music, but learning to play a musical instrument seemed unattainable. The memory of old string-plucked instruments with note stencils gave the decisive impetus.

The basic principle of these instruments has been taken further. Based on the skills of his son, Hermann Veeh designed a completely new musical instrument – easy to use, appealing in shape and enchanting in sound.

A wonderful world opened up for Andreas and many other people. The dream of people with different talents and abilities making music together became a reality.

For children, the Veeh-Harfe is the first formative approach to making music. Adults feel a deep longing for music when they play the harp. The Veeh-Harfe enlivens house music, sets new impulses in music education, in kindergartens and schools, supplements therapy in clinics and enriches everyday life in senior citizens’ facilities.

From the basic model to valuable individual pieces, each harp is unique …

Notes and stencils for your Veeh-Harfe® …

Being able to rewrite notes for the Veeh-Harfe yourself …

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Neuer Titel

The Veeh-Harfe – an instrument that brings music into the lives of people with disabilities

In the article, Hermann Veeh impressively talks about the motivations that led him to develop his harp. You will get an insight into the workshop that is now run by Martin Veeh. He also remembers the beginnings of the family business. Christoph Schneider spans the arc from the creation of the instrument to the people […]

New music folder – Prelude to Harmony

PRELUDE TO HARMONY – prelude to harmony Easy pieces in English for Veeh-Harp Standard The English-language pieces in this new collection are a diverse selection of light classical melodies, nursery rhymes, sacred songs, Christmas carols and folk songs from various countries. Originally conceived for the English-speaking market, we didn’t want to withhold this harmonious selection […]

Farewell to company founder Hermann Veeh

  After a long illness, Hermann Veeh died on July 1, 2020 at the age of 85 in his home. With his work he has given the lives of innumerable people rich gifts. Funeral and memorial service stood under the word for his confirmation:   The ritual and celebration took place in small family and […]


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Although it is the great advantage of the Veeh-Harfe that you can play it without knowledge of sheet music and without music lessons, many Veeh-Harfe players still enjoy having lessons and making music together in groups.

There are innumerable groups that meet regularly to make music together. We don’t all know them. The question: “where is there a group?” We couldn’t answer that easily.

We have compiled a list of the numerous providers of Veeh-Harfe lessons, courses and seminars …

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