Ensemble Arpeggio

Inclusion in the most beautiful way

Veeh-Harfe enthusiasts have been making music in the Ensemble arpeggio together. Disabled young people started as a music group with friends and parents under the direction of Hermann Veeh in 1992. Many great moments of music-making followed.


Hermann Veeh’s goal was for Andreas and his friends to make music together with others. Laypeople and artists should stand together on the same stage. The Veeh-Harfe – his instrument as beautiful looking and sounding as well as others in the orchestra – should be the bridge.
The soprano Annette Wohlmann (winner of the “Veeh-Harfe Singer” award) has been part of it almost from the start. What began as a small private music group can now look back on a long list of concert appearances. Small appearances at church services are just as much a part of it as concert appearances in Japan in a concert hall in front of 1,400 listeners.

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The ensemble Arpeggio is playing

Only when one has heard and seen arpeggio once does something of the importance of the Veeh-Harfe for people with disabilities become noticeable.
Inclusion demands commitment and moves everyone forward!

Ensemble Arpeggio is playing Not a beautiful country ,
Annette Wohlmann and Evi Reissmann sing

Ensemble Arpeggio is playing Swab dance