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  • Do the blues!

    Music CD, matching the music folder “Mach mal blues!” by Helmut Schnieders.

    Various pieces of blues, swing and ragtime music can be found on this CD. In his many years of work with the Emsdetten Veeh Harp Ensemble, Helmut Schnieders has repeatedly played pieces of this kind. This music was a lot of fun for the players. This led him to compose and record 14 pieces for the Veeh harp.

    1. Ragtime blues
    2. Molly’s blues
    3. Meadow blues
    4. Spring blues
    5. Rag on Sunday
    6. Hedge swing
    7. Picnic in the sunshine
    8. Friday night blues
    9. Mob blues
    10. On a bench for two
    11. Funky blues
    12. Ironing blues
    13. Swing blues
    14. Sunny day
    15. Sunny day (bonus version)

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