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Let yourself be touched by the delicate sound of the Veeh-Harfe and discover your musicality with ease, which perhaps has not yet been awakened. Actually there are no unmusical people. You just might not have had a chance to try it out. Lack of time, money, or encouragement are other reasons why people didn’t learn a musical instrument in their youth. But it’s never too late for that.

Almost all of us are music lovers and have many melodies in our hearts. That alone is enough to be able to make music with the Veeh-Harfe.

The Veeh-Harfe is a string-plucked instrument that can be played without knowledge of notes.

With the help of sheet music you can play a well-known melody from the sheet after a short introduction. With a little practice, you can play in a group and enjoy the richness of the sound.

Would you like to get to know the Veeh-Harfe?
This course offers you a first introduction to the use of this stringed instrument.

The course also offers numerous tips for beginners on the Veeh-Harfe and takes the hurdle out of getting started.