Lead with play

Compact seminar for ensemble leaders


A harp is seldom left alone! A group quickly forms around an enthusiastic harpist. It’s not just about learning a musical instrument, but also about experiencing community. Groups want to be organized and guided. With all the different expectations and your own requirements, it is a special challenge to find the right balance.

We invite harp players who lead a harp group on a voluntary basis or as part of their professional activity, so that they can get to know the Veeh-Harfe intensively and take home valuable ideas for creating atmospheric Veeh-Harfe

We will impart basic knowledge about instruments, sheet music and accessories, the importance of structural framework conditions and methodological and didactic basics over one weekend in a compact manner.

We would like to prepare you for your new role as ensemble leader so that you can safely accompany your group from the first contact to a successful performance.