Haptics – optics – sound

In addition to the shape and the sound, the surface gives each instrument its own character. The sensations of haptics, optics and acoustics interact with each other and address us in their entirety. There are various surface designs for our instruments.





shiny plus

The simple beauty of tonewood is fired up in the Veeh-Harfe Natur with a surface treatment made of oil and wax. A fine cut and the final polishing by hand make the instrument a real flatterer. Selected tonewood characterizes the Veeh-Harfe models Standard and Solo in the silk matt finish. A primer and a concluding, inconspicuous matt finish give these instruments a soft sheen. The paint protects the beautiful wood. Selected tonewood is used for the instruments in the glossy finish, the grain of which is particularly evident under the mirror-smooth surface. The elegant, shiny surface
is created by hand in a highly complex and time-consuming painting process. When applying the numerous layers up to sanding and polishing, our craftsmen are challenged with all their experience and attention right up to the end.
Precious flamed maple and lively hazel spruce characterize the Veeh-Harfe in the glossy plus version. In addition to the rosette at the front, the few particularly grained instruments have frame rosettes on both sides. The sound character of the Veeh-Harfe, rich in overtones, comes into its own even more intensely. The lively woods shimmer through under the mirror-smooth surface. The bridge and the bridge are made of polished ebony. Eyelets support the string guidance. The pegs and eyelets are gold-plated for browns. A mother-of-pearl inlay with Hermann Veeh’s signature decorates the bridge.